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Offering door repair, installation, and maintenance in Missouri and Illinois..

High-quality doors are important in any home. They secure your family and possessions and play a key role in curb appeal. At ULTIMA Roofing & Exteriors, we source and install durable, attractive doors for all the entryways of your home.

Signs You Need a New Door

Are you trying to decide if now is the right time to make the switch? Chances are good that if you are thinking about it, it’s a good time for a new door. If you are on the fence, here are some signs that now is the time to replace your door.

Your Doors Don't Match Your Home

Any time a door doesn’t match the overall design of your home, it makes your house look less pulled together. This is especially true of your front door. Whether your door and home seem to be from two different schools of design or you just think yours is ugly, we are happy to help you with replacement.

You Feel a Draft

When you stand near your door while it’s closed, do you notice a bit of a draft? If so, this indicates a problem. If you like your door, this might be something we can solve with repair, but if not, you might as well move forward with door replacement.

Your Doors Are Showing Their Age

Doors take a beating, especially the exterior side. Missouri and Illinois weather will eventually cause cracking and erosion on your doors. When this happens, they become weaker and less able to keep out the elements. Any significant signs of damage indicate it is time for a new door.

You Want Better Security

One of the best ways to fortify your home is through the installation of a security door. These doors are specifically designed to prevent them from being kicked in. If you have wanted to enhance your security measures for a while now, you might as well start with a better door.

ULTIMA's Door Services

No matter what your doors need, ULTIMA is on your side. We offer comprehensive door services, ensuring we are the team to turn to whenever you need help.

Door Installation

We are happy to assist with door installation on new and existing builds. Our team will install doors you have purchased or source the ones you need.

Door Repair

If you notice problems with your door, we are happy to come take a look and see if we can determine the issue. If a repair is possible, we will get your door working well again.

Door Maintenance

We suggest that you have your roof, windows, siding, and doors inspected once a year. During this time, regular maintenance can be performed. The goal of this service is to extend the life of your doors and keep them working well for years to come.