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Pitched Commercial Roofing

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While flat roofing is most common in commercial buildings, it isn’t always the right choice. For smaller businesses and those in mixed residential and commercial areas, pitched roofing can be best. Here at ULTIMA Roofing & Exteriors, we offer pitched commercial roofing services to businesses in Missouri and Illinois.

Advantages of Pitched Commercial Roofing

While pitched roofs generally aren’t a good choice for larger buildings, smaller ones can benefit from a pitched roof rather than a flat option. Some advantage of a pitched roof include:


Because most homes have pitched roofs, you are more likely to understand the needs of one and be able to spot problems as they develop.


A pitched roof creates an attic space. For many commercial buildings, this is a great way to store items when closet space is at a premium.

Water Management

Unlike flat roofs, sloped roofs make it easy for rainwater and snow to remove themselves. With flat roofs, workers sometimes need to squeegee water into the drainage system.


Pitched roofs lend themselves to a wide variety of designs, and you can have a lot of fun with the roofing materials. Done the right way, it can really compliment your branding.

Common Pitched Commercial Roof Problems

While they are quite durable, pitched commercial roofs are not without their fair share of problems. Among these are:

Shingle Damage

Due to the severe weather in the region, shingle damage is a significant concern.

Irregular Maintenance

While there isn't as much of a concern as with flat roofing, pitched roofs still require regular maintenance. When you fail to keep with the schedule, roof damage will occur.

Wind Damage

The shape of a sloped roof gives wind more spots to catch on. This increases the likelihood of damage to the roof.


Pitched roofs tend to require more flashing, and this introduces more spots where water damage could potentially occur.

Rooftop Space

Most commercial buildings need to place at least some equipment on their roof. However, pitched roofs make this difficult, if not impossible.

Our Commercial Pitched Roof Services

We offer a full slate of pitched commercial roofing services to businesses in Missouri and Illinois. Our comprehensive offerings include installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. We work with a wide variety of roofing materials, allowing you to customize your roof design and get the perfect look for your business.