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When your windows look great and function well, you almost forget they exist. When they run into trouble, they become the bane of your existence. ULTIMA’s window services are designed to make homeownership easier on you by offering fast and affordable window installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Signs You Need New Windows

In many cases, window problems slowly creep up on you. Small issues steadily become big problems, until you are in desperate need of help. If you are unsure if you need to replace your windows, here are some signs to look for.

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills suddenly skyrocket, it is a sign that your home is not properly sealed. While there are multiple points where this can happen, including the doors and roof, your windows are the likely culprit. Additionally, if you have older single-pane windows, replacing them will lower your energy bills.


If you stand next to your closed window and still feel a slight breeze, this means something is wrong with the seal. It's possible this could be addressed with repair alone, but in many cases, replacing the window is needed.

Cracks and Decay

If the glass in your windows has cracked, or there is damage in the wood or metal elements, you need repair at the very least. However, if there is decay present, full replacement will be the best route.

Poor Movement

Windows can become difficult to open or close due to buildup in the tracks. When this is the case, it is a simple fix. However, warping and damaged rollers might also cause problems, and these typically require window replacement.

Outside Noise

If your neighborhood has seen some changes in recent years, you might be struggling with outside noises making your home uncomfortable. By switching to new and better windows, you can increase your soundproofing.

ULTIMA's Window Services

Window Installation

Whether you have a new build in need of windows or want to update the look of your home, we are happy to help. Our technicians will handle everything from measuring to cleanup, and we can even source the perfect windows for your home.

Window Replacement

Our Missouri and Illinois window replacement service makes the process easy on you. We can replace one or more windows in your home, taking care of everything from measuring to design to cleanup after installation.